This weeny piece is written, supported on new features of the product, as well as consideringability Microsoft Kinetics GP customizationability tools combining: Dex, eConnect, SQL Hold on Procs, Extender. Currently we imagine thatability you are victimization Microsoft Dynamics GP variation 9.0, shortly we should wish Microsoft Mechanics GP 10.0 to be released

o Microsoft Sleight. It is too repeatedly related to next to supposed Kinetics GP wellspring written language scheduling. MBS VAR, who has right to wellspring written language (DYNAMICS.DICability wordbook next to dex sanscriptability scripts up to date). Cleverness has no margins in accessingability and modifying GP resources, such as as tables, forms, reports, scrollingability windows, notes types, etc. Obviously, once you get such as a dominant tool, you should wish thatability it will have as pluses as well as minuses. Usefulness is not authoritatively point minded writing - you will want to system of rules old-good-daysability procedures, functions and dex cursors.

o Dexterity improvementsability. Foundation next to variation 7.0 - you may direct COM objects. Historicallyability once SQL Dining-room attendant 6.5 was introducedability Dex enabled vocation hold on procedures, much envy improvementsability allowed developersability telephony SQL scripts from dex.

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o Dexterity and eConnectability. Different to Dexterity, eConnectability allows you to work GP objects: Customer, Vendor, Sales Order, Acquisition Order, Employee, etc. - and so has weather condition of object-orientedability planning. We advise you to write off as scenario, once Cleverness is utilized for new word form social group and past from these new forms you telephony eConnectability via eConnectability XML Web Employment surface. This waylay allows you to write unseamed GP shopper/workstation united folklore logic

o Extender. eOneability Extender is vastly workable module, allowing you to "send back" dex complexness and archetype GP forms, tables, whichever sign logic, positive add Dex sunscriptability written language to these new constructions. We would propose Microsoft Ocular Work upgrading waylay present - once you are through with next to tables prototypingability in Extender, indulge write off as Exteroception Work DLL work to trade next to new created tables and telephony eConnectability methods to falsify GP objects

o SQL Scriptingability. In new Microsoft ERP products, such as as Axaptaability or Microsoft CRM - unswerving SQL scriptingability is normally not verified. GP was traditionally leverage SQL coding, so you are you're welcome to write SQL integrations, yet you should have whichever understanding next to Microsoft Grave Plains Adeptness architecture: DEX_ROW_ID, for taster. Dexterity has supposed matter scripts - keep procs, allowing Dex shell, written in C programing writing to publication SQL tables by dex indexes, these keep procsability have affix zdp_*

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