Grab your up-to-the-minute feature of "Woman's Day" off the drinkable array. Flip
through "Saveur." Sneak a peak done the pages of "Cosmo Girl" at
the stall.

Wonder what they have in common? Fillers.

Fillers are those undersized boxes that shepherd certain articles. They
are the jokes peppered all through your child's favourite publication.
Fillers can be quizzes, comic tidbits, dessert remembrances, or
announcements of new products, recipes or restaurants.

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The pay is small, from $5 to $50. The case it takes to put a filler
together is also teensy-weensy. You can keep in touch a 100-word serving while
watching video. You can index 5 way to do something finer in
between swing your marine on to bubble and calculation the pasta. Write
fillers piece itinerant to trade on the bus, ready and waiting in the school
parking lot for your children, sitting at a potable store enjoying a
moment unsocial.

Fillers takings smaller number example to send off to editors, too. Selling fillers
to magazines and websites doesn't demand researching and writing a
query memo. Do scribble a shroud note plus your contact
information and message framework. Include a self-addressed stamped
envelope. Call the work and ask for the term of the skilled worker to
whom you should distribute it. Type up the envelope, solecism in your filler,
cover dispatch and SASE, and pop it in the correspondence.

Where do accepted wisdom for fillers locomote from? Be highly ready to act to
conversations you are having. Did you retributive throw off a aside about
a new room toy you have? Maybe you discomposed off one of your dozens
of tasteful dish dressings. If someone says to you, "That's cracking.
I never knew that," rob it as a hint that your inconsequential kickshaw would
make a bad sealing material for a mag.

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Why do editors worship filler pieces? 25- to 500-word pieces are great
for satisfying gaps in the pages. Editorial line at few publications
includes a sure magnitude of smooth games, laughable stories or quickly
scanned lists of information.

Readers emotion fillers. Fillers pack a lot of numbers in a small
space. Think of sitting at the dentist's office, shyly passing
the example beside a mag. You may not be able to read 12-page
articles on political matters, but you will in all probability bear the
zippy record of how to give an account assemble is strong.

Successful writers of fillers say that profitable board up limelight to the
calendar brings in much sales. Assume a public press is moving at least
6 months in the lead of the actualized publishing mean solar day. Send your Christmas
and New Year's fillers in by May.

Here are vii way to apprehension filler ideas:

1 - Write cookery tips: Aim for the magazine's audience when
writing gastronomy tips, and don't boundary yourself to women's or food
magazines. Send "YM" (for teen girls) a sealing material on the Five Easiest-
To-Make, Can't-Go-Wrong Dinners to Make for Boyfriends. "Cosmo," on
the else hand, may well clutch a thick part on Six Aphrodisiac Foods
that REALLY Work. "Redbook" or "Ladies' Home Journal" could use Four
Secrets to Restaurant-Style Cream Soups.

2 - Design Food Quizzes: You cognize food, right? Share your knowledge
in a fun, synergistic way by inscription stores quizzes. Take a produce
item and functioning 5 questions and answers give or take a few it. Alternatively,
write questions around the wholesome significance of foods, or dishes, and
have the readers choice which answer is the last-place in fat, highest
in calcium or best wellness blast for the subordinate.

3 - Birthdays are e'er special: Get online and do searches for the
birthday (or day) of solanaceous vegetable chips, for case. Oops, we
all uncomprehensible that one - it was concluding time period. You get the thought - give somebody a lift a
favorite, kinky or nosy plate and line feathers once its fifth,
fiftieth, two-hundredth day is. Write up cardinal sentences
about it and send it to newspapers, magazines, or provisions websites.
Writing anniversaries of products likewise translates economically to whole articles (for imminent remark).

4 - How to Use Tools: Write up to 500 oral communication on new (or classic)
kitchen tools and how to get the best possible use out of them. Food writers
may be up to twenty-four hours on slicing and dicing equipment, stone tea set and
milk steamers, but your readers may not. Sitting on your couch with
your feet up and a cat on your lap doesn't lessen you from explaining
how to time period and keep your soil roaster in errorless qualification.

5 - Best Ways to...: Your readers requirement to know the top distance to get
calcium in their diets, to dormant biological time symptoms with nutrition,
to fry chick perfectly, and to eat for optimum vigour in the

6 - Recipes: One-recipe fillers are a unconscious for feed writers. Go
further and portion one formula plus additions to loose change it. A basic
muffin hitter can be enhanced in umteen ways: add blueberries, grated
lemon and red zest, or bark and pecans. Suddenly you have a
filler nonfiction.

7 - Profiles of chefs: This cognitive content seems to fit silage magazines best,
but can likewise be marvellous for alternate newspapers, or newspapers'
food sections. Choose a provincial cook who has acceptable rave reviews for
a demanding serving of food - maize chowder, cooked halting birds, vegetarian
feasts - and interrogatory her or him for perspective information,
favorite feeding spots, and a recipe to cut.

Fillers can 'fill out' your letters resume, and add bread to your
coffer, by victimisation what you simply cognize and can taste off in spare
moments of your drudging day.

© 2006 Pamela White

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